5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Be Proactive in Maintaining Servers

An important part of running a successful small business is maintaining the health of the technology and equipment you and your employees rely upon every day. Equipment such as servers and workstations need regular maintenance to function optimally, and waiting until system crashes occur to attend to your equipment can have detrimental consequences in your business.

Instead, you should ensure that your systems updated regularly and see that you never skip scheduled maintenance on your equipment. These are 5 main reasons that small companies should take a proactive approach to maintaining servers and workstations.

1.Monthly Security Updates Protect Your Equipment (and Your Business)
System and data security are of utmost importance in business. A single data breach or crashed network can have a devastating impact on your small company, so it’s very important to run security updates at least once a month. Monthly security updates contain fixes for system bugs and provide protections against all the known cyber threats in circulation.

Threats change and morph frequently, so you should be proactive in managing and reviewing security system health. Always run the most updated versions of system protections offered by firewalls, anti-virus, and anti-spyware/malware software.

2.Regular Maintenance and Monitoring Helps You Catch Random Network Issues Quickly and Avoid System Crashes
As employees use their workstations and access your server each day, any host of network issues can arise, and often will come up randomly. If you’re not monitoring your system health closely and performing regular maintenance, you may miss small, random errors. Left unattended, issues can escalate quickly, but carefully analyzing server event logs can help you isolate and fix any issues before they create network-wide problems.

Additionally, by focusing on hard drive management and cleaning up your storage capacity, you can prevent system crashes and downtime brought on by overloaded, slow, or glitchy workstations.

3.Standardizing Your Servers and Work Stations Reduces Issues
Standardizing your equipment can help streamline system maintenance and reduce issues that occur in your servers and workstations. When you use the same type or brand of equipment, and ensure that you have the most updated versions of technology running in your business, you’ll improve the efficiency of your network and minimize issues.

4.Regular Updates Improve System Speed and Employee Efficiency
Keeping your servers and workstations updated regularly will optimize the speed and performance of your systems. When your computers function optimally, your employees will be able to work more efficiently without having to deal with slow or crashing systems.

5.Proactive Backup Management is Vital to Data Recovery
Data backup and recovery is critical to your business, and will help you restore your vital business data in the event a system issue or crash does take place. Regularly managing your backup status, data selections, and testing are important to staying proactive.

Raven Computer has over 20 years’ experience in computer sales and professional IT services. Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your network is being regularly and proactively maintained for optimal function and ultimate protection.

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