An Article on How to Install Commercial Security Cameras

In today’s age where businesses focus on expansion and widening their horizons, security cameras are a great way for business owners to check whether everything is on track in their stores or not. However, security cameras come in a wide range of resolutions, integration features, and use cases, which is why you must check whether your security camera is suited for indoors installation or outdoors. If you are not sure about how to install your commercial security cameras to ensure better business safety and security, we recommend you read our guide on security camera installation.

We are the brains behind Raven, a top company that offers customers with state-of-the-art security cameras to protect their businesses and enable 24/7 video surveillance. So, let’s not fret around and jump right into this article that helps you get around security camera installation!

The Most Crucial Thing to Consider - Where Should You Perform Security Camera Installation?

If you have a commercial property that you want to protect but are unsure about the exact placements of your security cameras, we recommend you cover your front door, back door, and the store’s windows on the first floor. Ensure that your camera also covers the main pathways that lead up to these entrances to ensure that most of your perimeter is covered. Some other areas where we recommend installing security cameras for better safety include parking lots and garages.

Another hot security camera installation tip for you - place your cameras in the corners of your building and ensure that it is placed in a well-lit area for a clearer image. We also recommend you consider investing in night vision security cameras or those that use infrared to detect body heat and presence of people. However, you must also ensure that your cameras are placed high up so that people cannot easily mess with them.

How should you position your security cameras for better vision?

When performing security camera installation, it is crucial that you consider the distance of your camera from the subject; after all, the thing or area you want to capture must be in focus at all times. Do not place your camera in areas where they can be obscured by glare and must not directly face sunlight as it can affect the overall picture resolution.

We also recommend you place your cameras in a way such that they are in a downward angle; but, you must not follow this tip in case your security cameras are round. Also, ensure that your security cameras are mounted properly so that they are stable and do not shake when recording pictures or videos.

How much security camera storage should you invest in?

We know that whenever your commercial property’s security is in question, you want to invest in the best equipment and materials. This is why we recommend you consider the storage you want to invest in before performing security camera installation. In case you have a small business, we recommend investing in a security camera that stores footage for at least 30 days; but, in case of larger operations, it is better to go with a camera that allows storing pictures and videos for at least 90 days. Another security camera installation tip that you must follow is that you must ensure a security camera that has a great picture and video resolution.

Key Takeaways

With so many different types of security cameras available, it is best to consider all the options and your business needs. We hope the above article helps you get started with security camera installation, but if you still need professional help, we recommend you get in touch with our team at Raven for our expert security camera installation services and advice.

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