How to Improve Your Site's SEO Ranking?

Read how to improve SEO ranking because every Entrepreneur these days wants to be popular on the internet by getting more followers or by increasing their site's visibility. But, nobody wants to work, people are looking for shortcuts. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) isn't something you can do in a shortcut way. It requires much more investment than social media engagements. Here we will tell you how to improve your Site's SEO ranking: 

1. Strong Foundation

Poor website structure and architecture could be one of the reasons your site is not getting much traffic. If your website is hard to browse, the search engine will push your site to the lowest ranking possible to increase SEO ranking. Therefore, it is essential to build a website with great features and easy to navigate architecture. Also, search the web for a similar type of site before launching your website as having two similar sites may cause copyright issues.

2. Keywords

Keywords are also an essential part of SEO. Having a proper keyword on your website will increase its ranking and visibility. Thus, you need to research it thoroughly and then implement them on your site. Keywords should be included in the title, body and sometimes in heading/subheading. But, you need to be discreet and casual while doing so. Stuffing keywords everywhere will make things worse.

3. Browsing Speed

Browsing speed here is not related to your wifi speed. It means how fast a user can navigate your website, and it depends on various factors like image size, browser cache, and script handling. Images used in your site must be of appropriate size. They shouldn't be too large that they end up slowing the site and they also shouldn't be too small so that they look blurry.

Browser cache is a great way to save loading time. When a user visits a website, it loads all its resources onto the system, which takes time. Therefore, to minimize this loading time, the cache was introduced. It works by saving all the resources a site needs on the browser and loads them instantly when the user visits again. Script handling is referred to as the JS and CSS code that you are including while developing your site. It may give your site a nice look, but it can increase its size. So, tread lightly.

4. Metadata

Metadata is important as it is the first thing a user will see and it is an answer for how to improve SEO ranking on google. You will find it just under the title of your site on the search page. You can insert metadata in your site when you are creating the website. Each page you design contains a tag called where you can insert the metadata. There are three types of metadata which are Title metadata, Description metadata, and Keyword metadata. The most important metadata of them all is title metadata, as it is the one that is visible to the user.

5. Links

Links also influence your website ranking, so make sure you add them in your site. Adding links anywhere will not work; you have to add a link on a proper word(s). Do not add links on words like "click here" they are nothing but just a link to the search engine. If your site is older and you are optimizing it, you should fix the broken links. Also, adding links on the keyword which matches your link exactly will improve your search engine ranking greatly.

Improving your site's rank is not a short task. There are no shortcuts or quick routes that you can take. Although, you can take the help of social signals. There are plenty of services in the market from where you can get social signals, which will improve your ranking by generating traffic via social media platforms. 

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