Should You Install Security Cameras? Top Reasons Why You Must Consider

According to Statista, the video surveillance industry is supposed to reach a valuation of over USD 62 billion by 2027. This is because numerous businesses will benefit from security camera installation, increasing its popularity and making it essential. Although most businesses install security cameras to protect their security, there are a number of reasons why people and businesses support security camera installation.

To help you decide whether you should install security cameras or not, we are here with a detailed blog. Here, we will take a dive into the different reasons why your business needs security cameras and why you must consider security camera installation.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Must Look Into Security Camera Installation

Nowadays, security camera installation requires minimal investment, while offering business owners a myriad of benefits. Regardless of your industry or the segment you are operating in, some benefits that you can reap include:-

1.  Preventing vandalism and stealing

Today’s security cameras are really intelligent and provide crystal-clear images and footage. So, they act as a strong deterrent and discourage anti-social activities like vandalism, break-ins, and thefts. Even in non-retail businesses and stores, security cameras are a great way to protect company assets and other intellectual property present on the premises. This is also a great way to prevent employee stealing and helps curtail insider theft.

2.  Real-time video monitoring of stores

At Raven, we provide our clients with the best security camera equipment that helps ensure that real-time footage is available to business owners at all times. After all, live footage is a great way to ensure that facts are not misinterpreted and that the business owner has sufficient proof captured on camera. So, business owners and employees can catch perpetrators and use the footage to ensure that the incident can be misconstrued.

3.  Improves employee productivity

A lot of workplaces have rules that prevent employees from going on their phones or taking extra breaks. But, how do you enforce these rules and ensure that employee productivity is at an all-time high? Well, installing security cameras creates an impression that employees are being watched closely, which makes them work harder and follow the rules in place. This is also an advantage for the manager or the supervisor since they can focus on tasks other than monitoring employees.

4.  Helps provide criminal evidence

With effective security camera installation, businesses can ensure that they have strong proof against any crime that is committed in or around the business premises. Other than helping monitor company valuables and staff, the footage can also be useful and aid the police or the court in case any criminal incident takes place near the business area and is captured by security cameras.

5.  Prevents harassment

Despite strict laws against workplace harassment, be it sexual or non-sexual, some miscreants manage to indulge in these activities. Installing security cameras is a great way to deter employees from engaging in these criminal activities and ensures that all employees have a safe space. However, if any such incident does occur, the presence of security cameras ensures that the incident is documented and can be used to file a lawsuit or take disciplinary action.

6.  Reduces overall business costs

Although the initial investment in security camera installation might seem steep, it can help reduce overall business costs in the long run. This is because advanced security cameras that are equipped with technology are highly reliable and eliminate the need for hiring night security officers.


In today’s fast-paced world, security camera installation is essential and in some cases, is also replacing security personnel. As discussed, security camera installation has a myriad of benefits, which makes it all the more integral and profitable. Looking for expert security camera installation services or advice on the best security equipment available in town? Get in touch with our expert team at Raven to get started with a discussion on security camera installation and learn how we can help you meet your security needs!

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