Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Website Design

Top SEO benefits of responsive website design are very very crucial. We are currently living in a  mobile-first era and are moving towards a mobile-first index. More users are expending the web through cell phones than personal computers. Be that as it may, tragically more than two-thirds of sites on the web don't have responsive web composition. And if getting ranked top of the search engines is your priority, a responsive website can help you boost your SEO rankings.

You continue to read the top benefits that how responsive design can boost the SEO of the website.

1. Upgrade Site Usability

Remember that your customers are not going to stick to your website if they find it difficult to navigate. Responsive design helps in making your website easier for visitors to navigate and easily find what they are looking for. With the responsive design for your website, the different elements are optimized for mobile screen sizes and planned to provide the right information on the website. So, users get an improved experience and tend to spend more time on your site. So improved usability scores help you gain repeat visitors and improving conversions.

2. Fast Page Loading

Your website users expect your website to load fast. If your website is not fast enough, usually in 2-3 seconds, your users will go elsewhere. How fast the content on your page loads depends on page speed. With fully responsive web design, your website is optimized for loading quickly on mobile & tablet devices. With speed being a ranking parameter by Google, your website ranking is sure to get an SEO boost with responsive design.

3. Decrease Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the number of visits where the user from landing pages leaves without browsing your entire page. Google crawlers monitor websites for their bounce rate and rank them accordingly. As you guessed right, a website having a high bounce rate will experience poor SEO rankings. However, with mobile responsive web design, users experience a clean and easy to a navigatable view of your website which improves the user experience thus decreases the bounce rate.

4. Google likes Mobile Responsive Websites

With the ever-increasing use of mobile devices, in 2015, Google added mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in SERPs. Today, Google is witnessing a greater number of searches performed on a mobile device than desktop computers. So, websites having responsive design are getting preference over non-responsive counterparts. So, you need to adapt your website for mobile responsive design to improve your SEO rankings.

5. Cost-effective

With a responsive website, a single website will be good for mobile, tablet & desktop devices, thus eliminating the need for a separate mobile website. So, you save a lot of money in creating & managing separate mobile & desktop websites.

6. Enhanced Social-sharing

Social sharing has become easy for mobile users by using responsive design. Though social shares have no impact on SEO and ranking but help in building an audience. The more the audience, the more will the traffic on your website thus, it will help in more chances of engagement. Therefore, making people search more about your brand and search engine will take notice.


Responsive design offers huge SEO benefits that you cannot afford to miss. So, if you have a non-responsive website for your business, consider converting to responsive and start enjoying the benefits. If you need any help with your website, please contact our experienced designers.


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