What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud technology has been gaining momentum and garnering a lot of business attention in recent years, and you probably use applications, software, or other systems that are powered by the cloud every day in your personal and business lives.

The cloud supports a plethora of benefits, ranging from convenience and cost-savings to mobility and flexibility.  However, a great way that the cloud can also be powerfully leveraged is for data storage and cloud backup.

What is Cloud Backup?

Rather than using physical disk space on hard drives or external devices, or relying solely on-site servers for backup and recovery, cloud backup is a popular method of storing data, information, or files to a remote, online cloud server. Cloud back up services provide virtually infinite storage space where you can store important business files and application or do full system backups for disaster recovery purposes.

Benefits of Cloud Backup

Using cloud backup services can provide your business with an array of advantages, which expand beyond convenient, online storage.

Free Up Drive Space and Boost Cost-Savings

One of the most compelling benefits of cloud technology in general is cost-savings, and cloud backup is no exception. Using cloud back up can help you free up valuable disk space on your computers, which will help optimize their performance and improve the lifespan of your machines as well. Cloud backup also helps you save money in disaster recovery preparedness and storage since cloud backup options are much more budget-friendly than other options accomplishing the same goal.

Enhance Security and Lower Cyber Attack Risks

Using cloud backup services can help enhance your system security by placing a backup of your systems and files in a remote, secure location. This puts your data outside the parameters of your business network, which will help protect you from ransomware and other network-wide cyber attacks. If a breach of your systems does occur, you’ll have recovery options in the cloud to restore your systems and minimize the disastrous impact a cyber infiltration can cause.

Adhere to Compliance with Ease

Cloud backup services are held to strict industry regulations and standards, and reputable services will always be in compliance with industry-level regulations around data storage and sharing.

For over 20 years, Raven Computer has been a trusted leader in network technology and security.  Contact us today to learn more about our cloud backup services and discuss how we can help boost your business with professional IT support.

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